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Customer reviews are critical to any business, especially those that are positive. Regardless of positive or negative feedback though, more engagement means more eyeballs on your website, which means wider brand awareness. Quality can always be improved, but brand building is very important.

Irevu, an online service offered on makes it easy for customers to leave reviews, by encouraging feedback and filtering negative reviews to managers for hopeful resolutions.

Irevu understands that it’s difficult enough to accrue positive reviews. Organically, if a customer is not encouraged to leave feedback, then most likely they won’t and the only reviews that will be posted are when someone has a negative experience. However, Irevu also views a negative experience as an opportunity. Irevu ‘s proprietary algorithm filters negative reviews to managers so they can interact with disgruntled customers and reply to public comments in a professional way to attract the understanding and respect of the next prospect.

Most businesses understand that reviews are important but they don’t appreciate the power of high feedback numbers and how their reputation depends on it. Using Irevu, MyDev customers can expect at least a 15% increase in reviews per month and a minimum 30% increase in SEO. If you’re a business that doesn’t accrue many reviews in the first place, then the difference will be noticeable!

The best thing about Irevu is that managers don’t have to do much except check if they have received negative feedback. If managers don’t even feel like resolving issues, then Irevu offers a “full service” option. The full-service option is where a team of specialists meet with the business owner to discuss what resolutions can be offered under a wide variety of circumstances. This way neither the owner nor his team will ever be bothered with petty comments to deal with. Just let Irevu’s full-service team handle it.

Irevu, of course, has a positive reputation thanks to its happy clients: Ori Zaba’s Mexican Grill based in Las Vegas and Mondrian Hotel South Beach, Miami.

Try Irevu today at and feel the difference

For any further questions feel free to contact: hello@irevu or call (224)279–1076

Originally published at on April 4, 2022.



-- is an online rating, review & reputation management company that helps companies get more, quality reviews to help attract more customers.

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Irevu is an online rating, review & reputation management company that helps companies get more, quality reviews to help attract more customers.

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